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Identify the optimal upgrades that don't break the bank, save on bills, and improve comfort. Make informed investments.



Cities, townships, and districts where users access Properate.



Have data available on the Properate platform.



Cataloged building technologies such as windows and heat pumps.

Customers, Partners, Supporters, & Memberships:

Alacrity Canada

Properate Solutions for everyone

Homeowners, Contractors, & Realtors.

With any level of skill, Properate helps you estimate a home's energy performance. Then you can address issues by comparing the costs and benefits of different upgrades.

Get your Energy

Homebuilders, Energy Advisors, Utilities, & Cities.

From one home to a million homes, Properate Studio has all the tools you need to make a detailed energy model of buildings and browse through solutions. Compatible with EnerGuide Rating System.

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