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Personalized Home Energy Report

Identify the optimal home upgrades that don't break the bank, save on bills, improve your family's comfort, and increase your home value.

How Properate Can Help You

Energy, Greenhouse Gas and Bill Savings Over Time

Understand how your savings, property value, and environmental impact can benefit from home upgrades with detailed calculations for short-term and long-term gains.

Optimized Upgrade Pathways For Your Home

Using simulations powered by machine learning technology, Properate runs thousands of tests to suggest the most cost-efficient upgrades for your unique home.

Certified Energy Advisor Support

Our reports are generated and verified by certified energy professionals. They will guide you through your report and towards home assessments for government rebates.

How Properate Works

Our short questionnaire will help you understand your upgrade solutions.

Enter your address

Your location will provide the climate and physical shape of your building for the calculation

Answer Questions

Properate identifies energy deficiencies through simple questions about the age and systems in your home

Receive Results

You will receive a report comparing your potential savings by performing home upgrades

Trusted by homeowners and energy advisors

We help to empower homeowners with the knowledge to improve their homes and match them with energy advisors best suited to their goals.

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Properate is our customer-facing product, empowering homeowners in reshaping their homes.

Our products leverage the power of AI software to disrupt the building industry: optimize efficiency without additional expenses. To learn more about our mission and our work, visit our website below.

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