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Introducing Stride: Properate’s newest smart tool for home measurement and energy modeling

Properate’s new spatial computing technology reduces costs and time on-site for construction professionals by 50%

Efficient envelope, mechanical systems and home energy modeling are key to transitioning to more energy-efficient homes. However, obtaining the data required can be costly and time-consuming. The question becomes: how do we deliver accurate information while reducing time on-site and market barriers for construction professionals? Today, we proudly introduce Stride, Properate’s novel smart tool for home measurement and energy modeling.

Stride is a mobile application that utilizes spatial computing and thermal camera technologies to measure building envelope components and model a home’s energy performance. On Thursday, June 13th 2024, Properate’s team and friends gathered at a Vancouver heritage house to showcase Stride’s capabilities. The event demonstrated rising interest from energy advisors and contractors in incorporating Stride’s technology into their workflow. For full details about the event, watch the video above.

    How to use Stride?

  1. Scan an entire house in minutes. Simply point the phone camera at the building envelope components such interior or exterior elements to scan the home room by room, and Stride will handle the rest.
  2. Automatically produce a 3D model of the house.
  3. Export the information or generate a report in a format convenient for you including Hot2000, your quoting software, or Properate's home energy report

Our goal is to accelerate the transition to more energy efficient homes. With any transition comes risks, for example a poorly installed heat pump can cause heating and cooling inefficiencies and increase energy bills. With Stride, we aim to reduce inefficiencies and any barriers to market while increasing the energy efficiency adoption and allowing contractors to do more work, and help more customers.

As we work with the community to develop products that solve real-life problems, we invite professionals in the homebuilding, renovation and energy efficiency space to join our network and help co-create solutions that benefit everyone. If you are interested in more information or in testing our products, feel free to reach out.

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Noura Seifelnasr


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