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Power Minute:

BC Step Code

Power Minutes explain an energy concept in less than one minute (300 words). Note: This is a living document, check back for updates.

The BC Step Code is a program to achieve energy efficient building all across British Columbia. In Part 9 construction, the Step Code aims for "Net-Zero Ready homes" by 2032 in 5 steps. Each step leading to the Step 5, or the Net-Zero Ready Step, increases the energy efficiency requirement of the buildings compared to the previous step. A Net-Zero Ready home should be able to compensate for its annual energy demand via the energy generation on-site (solar panels).

The British Columbia Provincial Government has created the program but the implementation relies on the local governments (e.g. municipalities). Each local government chooses a timeline to increase the minimum energy efficiency requirements (Step) for new construction until the Net-Zero Ready is achieved.

Below are an overview of the said metrics:

Step Code does NOT directly control for these metrics: Operational Emissions, Embodied Carbon, and Cooling Load.

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