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All our work, now under a unified brand: Properate.

Hello everyone! Arman here, the CEO of Lambda Science Inc. Today we are announcing that everything related to us will be under the brand Properate from now on.

On November 16, 2017, I nonchalantly started the journey of our company. I was hacking together a simple tool for the BC Energy Step Code. I had no time nor I had any ideas about what to name it. So I just picked Step from the name and put it next to "win", thus StepWin was born.

I was lucky that StepWin turned out to be a memorable name with an interested following. We worked hard to build a reputable brand around it. All was good until we started going beyond the Step Code. So we needed something bigger.

Meanwhile, our team was working on a secret and exciting side project. Almost everything about the project's infrastructure was shared with StepWin and the two tools were meant to compliment each other. We first named our project "StepWin lite", but soon it got its own name, Properate.

meaning of properate

Properate comes from latin and it means "to speed up", "to hasten", and "to press forward".

If you hadn't guessed so far, we picked Properate because of "proper" and "rate" (as in rating and benchmarking). It also can be thought as property + rate, or pro + operate.

The meaning, and the combinations, make Properate the perfect name for us and our mandate of speeding up green building adoption.

When Properate started to take a life of its own, it quickly became evident that we needed to simplify our messaging. It was hard to explain 3 separate things to people:

By the time we would finish explaining all three, people were either zoned out or confused. Moreover, since the infrastructure of StepWin and Properate was shared, sometimes we wanted to transfer the users from Properate to StepWin. We had to explain the name change, which did not give any value to our customer base.

With the positive feedback from the users, we decided to bring everything together — a unified experience for our customers. We will do business as Properate from now on. Users with all levels of construction knowledge start their journey at Properate.io.

The website provides a simple wizard-like interface to get people started. StepWin became the heart of Properate Studio. More advanced users get routed there, for full control over their energy simulation. Also the people who want to take what they made in the wizard-like interface can switch to Studio.

With these changes, our (now single) product, feels a lot more coherent. We invite you to explore it for yourself and give us your feedback.

Lastly, please call us Properate!

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